How Does CrowdStrike Work?


CrowdStrike is a cyber security software program designed to keep businesses safe from all types of online attacks. Its company claims that it is the first program to hinder security breaches through a cloud-native endpoint.

CrowdStrike combines services into one software that used to require multiple purchases, so it is no longer necessary to buy more than one technology in order to keep your company safe from online threats. It performs virus scans, endpoint response and powerful threat hunting. All the data that is collected and analyzed is delivered to a cloud-native endpoint ensuring security for large networks.

How thorough is CrowdStrike?

The base technology of the software is a virus scan, but it scans and targets much more broadly than that. It tracks and destroys all kinds of threats with or without malware. It is able to instantly scan across all endpoints, ensuring that each scan covers every possible part of the network that could be attacked. It works constantly to recognize and prevent any attempts at breaching the security it provides.

How fast and easy is for company’s use Crowdstrike?

Once the software is downloaded and connected to the network via cloud according to the easy-to-follow directions sent with the download purchase, there is no need for further installation, product maintenance or other time-consuming work to keep the software running smoothly. There is nothing to configure or manage. There is no physical equipment you will have to keep near the network. Every service that the program offers is provided completely via cloud.

How well does the software adapt to an individual company’s security needs?

As it works constantly to spot and fight against all types of cyber attacks, it uses the best technology available to act thoroughly. Nevertheless, there are always live people at work behind that technology. The software is built to act powerfully, and the people at work behind its scans and threat hunting are among the most trained and skilled technicians who work with the best technological advancements to make sure there is always human intelligence supplementing and supporting the virtual intelligence. This combination of human and computer helps to ensure the utmost intelligence used in every scan to find threats and every effort to destroy threats before they have any chance to harm your network or any part of it.

How well known is CrowdStrike?

The company that produces this software claims that its cloud-based cyber security protection is used and trusted by companies across 176 different countries. Specifically, Crowdstrike at Aquion boasts of being utilized by 12 of the 20 businesses with the world’s largest fortune, 10 of the world’s 20 biggest financial institutions, 5 of the world’s 10 most prominent health care providers and 7 of the world’s 20 best established energy companies.


Crowdstrike at Aquion operates entirely via cloud, making it an exceptionally convenient and powerful tool for online security for business purposes. It provides some of the most thorough scans and effective dismantling of all problems before they reach your network.

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